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my Style

Weddings will always have a special place in my heart – I absolutely love a wedding! There’s something so magical about meeting with clients and discussing their plans to arrive on the day and see it all come together!

My style is documentary which means I’m a bit of a lurker at weddings (hah!).  I’ll blend in to the guests and get those relaxed candids. Documentary means that I capture the day as it unfolds, I’m certainly not a loud and obtrusive photographer.

Working in an unobtrusive manner while offering gentle direction where needed, I ensure that your photographs will tell the story of your day, just as it unfolded.

I’m not a loud and obstructive photographer. I’m very much a lurker, or as it’s more nicely put, a documentary photographer    

I have a calm presence, I’m very much there to document your day as it unfolds. I’m there if you need me, to keep things running smoothly as I can but general feedback is that couples have hardly noticed I’m there (in a good way, haha!)

I won’t be that loud controlling bossy photographer. I’ll get the shots and job done in a discreet and calm manner. I understand photos are important part of the day but they are not the MOST important part. I want you to feel present on your day and not like your being pulled away for photos all day.

Which is why I recommend keeping group shots to a minimum in so you have that precious time with your guests. It’s of course important to get that traditional mantle piece shot for the parents and grandparents but realistically the photos you want to look back on are those candid moments where you don’t realise there is a camera there. Which is where me and my zoom lens come into play. I stand at a distance mainly so everyone feels confortable and I can get those laughing shots. 

And then when the time comes I do like to get stuck right into the middle of the dance floor to capture the magic of those drunken dance moves!

Pre- wedding

This is the first step we take together. Everything starts with a complementary consultation call so you can tell me all about your big day.

No pressure, no sales – just a chance for you to get to know me and see if I’m the right fit for you! 

Once the contract and booking fee is taken your date is then secured!

I will then keep in contact via email/messenger throughout the months leading up to the wedding. But I’m always at the end of a line if you need help with a plan for the day or even finding suppliers.

The month before the wedding I offer another call or in person meeting just to run through things again and have a catch up!

On the day

I’ll be with you throughout your wedding day making sure it runs as smoothly as possible and documenting those precious moments. I’m not just there to take photos, though – I’ll be there to support you in any way I can. From calming any final nerves, to keeping hold of your lipstick and fixing buttonholes. I’ll do everything I can to help!

My style is very natural and romantic. For the couple portraits I will use minimal posing as my main priority is that you feel comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about awkward poses!

 For the group photos where I always say to allow time for around 10-15 different shots. This is usually enough to capture the friends and family members you’d like but I obviously allow extra groups if the couple would like – every wedding is different! For the couple portraits I will use minimal posing as my main priority is that you feel comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about awkward poses!

Morning preparations

My day starts around 2 hours before your ceremony. This gives me plenty of time to capture venue details as well as outfit and accessory shots. We’ll also have time to cover morning prep, and your final portraits before heading to the ceremony.

During the ceremony

You’ll usually find me at the front of the aisle. If there’s room amongst your guests, I do like to move to the back during the ceremony so I can capture a few different angles, but I’m always subtle and discreet when doing so!


Group shots

Congratulations, you’re officially married! After the ceremony is completed and whilst everyone is mingling, I’ll pinch the people from your guest list for group shots.

The in-between moments

From sweet smiles to subtle tears, I’ll be there to capture the expressions and emotions of your guests in a natural environment, exactly as you remember them.

Couples portraits

Once guests are called to be seated is when I steal you for a wander around the grounds to get some lovely portraits just the two of you!

Those all-important details

I know from talking to you all how much time and preparation goes into the details. A lot is handmade or you’ve sourced as it’s important o you. Therefore I always make it a priority to capture as much as I can of all the small but significant things.

Evening celebrations

On to the reception! My package includes coverage for up to an hour after the first dance to capture the laughter, buzz (and drunk dancing) of the evening!

Post wedding

Every one of my galleries gets the same, undivided attention with editing and collating, no matter how busy I am. I always aim to send previews within 48 hours so that you have something for showing family and using on social media!

I typically work to a turnaround time of 8-10 weeks in peak season, although you’ll usually receive your photos before. All of my albums are hand-made and can take up to 8 weeks from design to delivery. 

I’ll be in touch with you during every step of the process to keep you updated (and build the excitement)!

Mr & Mrs Harding

Melissa did an amazing job photographing our Wedding Day, and capturing memories of the best day of our life! Amazing photos, and super professional service; would highly recommend thank you again!

Frequently asked QUESTIONS

How far do you travel?

I’m based in Hampshire but I travel all over the UK!

I’d be more than happy to travel oversas if your planning your wedding abroad! (travel costs would incur)

How long are you at a wedding?

Typically between 8-10 hours! I start 2 hours before the cermeony to capture the morning prep and then stay up until an hour after the first dance to capture the evening entertainment!

How long do we wait to receive our photos?

I do reveiws wieth 48 hours, this is a handful of images so that you have something for social media and so you dont feel like your waiting for ages!


The full gallery tends to be 6-8 weeks but can be up to 10 weeks in peak season!


I’m prepared to battle all kinds of weather to get the shots! As long as the couple are happy to embrace the unpredicatble UK weather then its fine. I keep 3 large white umberella in my car in case!


Unless I was critcally ill, I would still turn up to your wedding. Obviously if it was in my capabality and safe to do so. However  if not then I work with a close group of photographer friends who I know I could rely on if needed.


I’d love to! My pricing would change slightly to cover travel costs but get in touch if you’d want more information!

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